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 Forum Stats & Updates!!

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Forum Stats & Updates!! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Stats & Updates!!   Forum Stats & Updates!! Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 9:44 pm

Hey.. if anyone comes here anymore you may be interested to know..

There are 610 topics with 1993 replies on this forum.. And the most popular section of the board is "Quotes" which I don't think I've even posted in..

Also, me and SkittlE have been prmoted to Admin (congrats me n skittle Razz)..

I sent an email to all users inactive for over 60 days and hopefully they'll come back..

I might get a new header in the next few days.. umm what else has happened? lets see.. I changed the ranks so now they are about the simpsons.. Post as much as you can to see what they are! I'll probably change some other stuff when I figure out how, to make the forum even MORE awesome!


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Forum Stats & Updates!!
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